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Outpatient Treatment Louisville

Outpatient Treatment Louisville

At our care center in Louisville, KY, we have developed an outpatient rehab program that has made us a substance abuse treatment leader.

In our drug and alcohol rehab center, we offer a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach, which means that we include the support of psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors who collaborate to define the path to recovery. Our therapeutic model has been widely tested clinically, always showing favorable results in our patients' recovery.

Our outpatient program is one of the best treatment options for substance abuse, and the results we have achieved with our patients have made us one of the top rehab centers in Louisville, KY.

The rehab plan is intensive, short-term, outpatient, and is on the cutting edge of current knowledge for the treatment of all types of self-destructive illnesses. The model allows the patient to remain connected to their environment and return to their activities in a short period of time. These characteristics of the model are of great benefit to the individual, his family, and society.

The Model focuses on spiritual growth, the dignity of the individual and advocates the concept of illness without a cure, with a continuum of care in recovery. The objectives to be achieved are: to recover the individual, to reintegrate them into society, instead of locking them up or ignoring them; to treat them with dignity and help them recover physically, mentally, and spiritually. For the model, the concept of illness is logically defensible and therapeutically useful.

Our outpatient program has among its pillars:

Chemical dependency

The anatomy of the individual with self-destructive behaviors can be compared with that of other "legitimate" diseases. It also treats chemical dependency as a disease because this makes clinical sense: it advocates humane treatment, improves access to treatment, and promotes abstinence. Chemical dependence should be treated as a primary disease.

Our program aims to achieve two long-term goals, firstly, the recovery of the individual and, secondly, a better quality of life.

Short-term goals

To achieve the long term goals, we work with the short term goals, which are:

  •  To help the individual and his family to recognize the disease and the consequences it brings.
  •  To help the person admit that he/she is sick and needs help and convince him/herself that he/she will be able to live a constructive life with the reality of a disease that has no cure.
  •  To help the person identify the behaviors and/or defects that need to be modified to have a better quality of life.

Therapeutic assistance 

We also provide therapeutic assistance through an interdisciplinary team composed of:

  •  A psychologist once a week individually and in groups.
  •  A psychiatrist once a week individually.
  •  Counselors work individually and in groups to ensure each patient’s process is totally personalized so that the treatment can be short-term and effective.

If you need to know more about drug rehab and nearby alcohol rehab programs, contact Solutions Counseling Center to learn more: 502-384-2100.

Outpatient Treatment Louisville

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Outpatient Treatment Louisville

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