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Residential Drug Treatment Beverly Hills

Residential Drug Treatment Beverly Hills

At 90210 Recovery, we offer residential drug treatment in Beverly Hills in an advanced facility under the care of a skilled and proficient clinical team. We are one of the top Beverly Hills alcohol use treatment centers with evidence-based therapies and affordable ongoing care programs.

Tips to stay sober after rehab

Over 50% of recovering addicts end up relapsing within the first 12 months after rehab. To stay safe from cravings and relapse, here are a couple of helpful tips:

  • Start planning for the future – Don’t wait until you get out of rehab to plan your future. Make a 1-year, 5-year, and 10-year plan with realistic goals, and use it as a yardstick to guide you in your life after rehab. Having a plan in place can help you get a stable job, build a healthy social group, find a place to live, and motivate you to lead a drug-free life.
  • Sign-up for ongoing care programs – Enrolling in ongoing care programs at an experienced Beverly Hills CA rehab center can strengthen your commitment to sobriety. By discussing your challenges, milestone achievements, and other concerns with a therapist, you can receive guidance, valuable advice, and suggestions that can help you remain focused on sobriety.  
  • Find a hobby – Pick a hobby of your choice to keep yourself occupied. Engaging yourself in a hobby of your interest can boost your confidence while keeping you mentally and spiritually healthy. 

Besides, attend 12-step groups and support groups on a weekly or bi-monthly basis to share your recovery journey with people battling with similar issues as you. Practicing yoga and guided meditation can also help you prevent relapse and stay in control of your mind, body, and soul.

What to do if I relapse after addiction treatment?

Small moments of weakness exist, but you should learn how to recover from them. Our ongoing care programs at a leading rehab center for addiction and substance abuse treatment in Beverly Hills will prevent a full-blown relapse in the future. 

However, if you find yourself drinking or taking drugs often, you may be developing a pattern, and you must seek outpatient or residential treatment soon to prevent adverse health consequences. Stay away from people, things, and situations that act as triggers or remind you of your old addiction days. 

Role of aftercare programs in recovery

Aftercare programs create a sense of accountability that is crucial for recovering addicts to maintain sobriety in the initial few months after rehab. These programs typically encompass counseling, individual, and group therapy sessions, which offer recovering addicts the opportunity to discuss the details of their recovery journey with a licensed Beverly Hills alcohol use therapist. They not only help prevent relapse but also improve mental wellness and promote a sense of wellbeing and meaning.

Reach us at 844-462-8571 to join our Beverly Hills drug rehabilitation center. At 90210 Recovery, we offer highly effective residential drug treatment in Beverly Hills at affordable prices, and we accept all major insurances. Visit us today to embark on your journey towards sobriety.

Residential Drug Treatment Beverly Hills
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Residential Drug Treatment Beverly Hills

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