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Senior Living Caldwell

Senior Living Caldwell Most of the senior living Caldwell elders are able to enjoy is not up to the standards we hold here at Springridge Assisted Living Facility. Our facility is located in a neighborhood and is, in fact, a home in the truest sense of the word. In terms of how it looks and feels, it is nothing like a hospital or ward. But in terms of the service and personal medical attention we provide, it is far above and beyond even the finest local medical facilities. First of all, we want to recognize the courage it takes to make the difficult decision you're making right now. We want to encourage you to do the right thing, to not settle for anything less than the best for your loved one. It is hard to place a loved one in elder care, and it's harder still to pick a facility in which to place him or her. We can't help you with the first part, other than to ensure you that there are facilities in which your loved one can live happily and comfortably while receiving the care that he or she needs. Ours is one such facility. With the second part, we can help you greatly. Simply contact us here at Springridge and we'll help you with all the details of placing your loved on in our care. Many of the features our facility boasts, other than it's serene setting, beautiful trees, freshly remodeled exterior and interior, and lovingly furnished rooms and common spaces, set us apart from many facilities that, in many cases, don't even offer the amenities just listed. We provide full meals cooked from scratch at regular meal hours each day. We provide other food in the form of snacks and as part of recreational activities and social gatherings. Residents with special diets will find their needs more than accommodated here, as we will have a registered dietitian prepare a custom menu if necessary to ensure our residents are well fed. We monitor the health of each of our residents closely and employ a full staff of registered nurses to attend to the seniors in our care. We are able to work directly with each of our residents to help them live comfortably and happily during these best years of their lives. Many facilities are unable to provide individualized cares to each of their wards. Here, at Springridge, we have a very low resident to staff ratio, which allows us to more adequately help our residents with their medical needs. If you're tired of the quality of senior living Caldwell homes typically provide, contact us here at Springridge to learn about how we can and will do more for your loved one than any other facility.

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Senior Living Caldwell

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